Company Overview

Company Overview

Vision & Mission


Translating Your Business Vision into Smart Technology Solutions

Xeca delivers IT strategies, solutions, and services to a wide range of clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa who need to manage the business and technology complexities driven by the fast-paced digital economy. Founded as a joint venture between established industry leaders Computer Associates International and Xenel Group, Xeca is uniquely equipped with the leading technologies and proven methodologies to help clients reinvent their organizations to meet the challenges of today's demanding global business environment.

Xeca has acquired a rich pedigree of technology expertise, best practices and talent from its parent companies, cultivated from their combined 50 years in the business. Xenel, a longstanding and respected company in the Middle East, already possesses a world-class network of business relationships that can be leveraged by Xeca. Meanwhile, Computer Associates (CA) is one of the largest software companies in the world, and has the established quality and process controls in place to help Xeca develop and implement enterprise-class solutions for enterprise-level IT problems.

The Market
Today, organizations of all sizes and markets face critical challenges in acquiring information, transforming it into business value, and managing it on an ongoing basis. At the same time, the competitive mandate for lean operations, profitability, and efficiency are forcing companies to re-organize, eliminate bottlenecks, reduce overhead costs, and attain more productivity out of their employees and processes. With IT spending in the region projected to steadily increase over the next few years, organizations must find ways of balancing information flow and management with the demands of operational excellence. By outsourcing IT functions to specialists, organizations can focus on revenue-generating operations and their customers.

Xeca Solutions
Xeca provides a full range of IT strategies, solutions, and services that transform today's organizations into tomorrow's high-impact e-Businesses. Whether an organization is looking at significant IT investment for the first time or the hundredth or whether to streamline internal departments or to talk to partners in real-time, Xeca can deliver a custom solution.

Our products range from e-Business solutions such as enterprise resource planning and supply chain management to infrastructure solutions that provide the foundation for any e-Business and from managed services that encompass your entire IT organization to consulting services that help you implement best practices.

Xeca's solutions offering includes:

Computer Associates Solutions Xeca offers complete sales, implementation and support of CA's solutions portfolio.

e-Business Solutions Xeca transforms any business into a dynamic e-Business with Web-enabled applications and integration with backend systems. From ERP Systems to Corporate Portals to complete CRM solutions, Xeca provides best of breed e-Business Solutions.

Managed Services Xeca provides full Managed Services options so customers can focus on their business, not their IT needs. Our managed services include full technical and application training, 24/7 facilities management, and maintenance and third-party support.

Infrastructure Solutions Xeca architects, plans, implements, and manages all hardware and networking solutions, from the simplest local area networks (LANs) to the most advanced networks such as wide area networks (WANs) and virtual private networks (VPNs) as well as full fledge Data Centers for running mission critical applications.

Consulting Services Xeca's consulting services division provides world class consulting through proven methodologies to deliver Business Systems Audits, Enterprise Application Integration, IT Strategic Planning and Process Management and Business Improvement plans.

Xeca Experience
To deliver on our promise to our customers, Xeca has recruited an experienced team of professionals equally accomplished in both business and technology. Our staff has worked in diverse industries, including telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, petrochemicals , food & health care. We have individuals with extensive senior management experience as well as engineers certified by leading software companies like CA, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and SAP.

With such talents, Xeca continues to focus on training. Our technical and sales staff regularly attends seminars, and they are encouraged to attend training courses both in Saudi Arabia and abroad to further enhance their skills and capabilities. Our training program ensures that the Xeca staff is informed in all areas of business and technology including the latest issues and trends.

Altogether, the Xeca staff is equipped with the expertise and resources to understand customer needs, evaluate business requirements, and make recommendations on solutions, whether off-the-shelf or customized.


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 Xeca is a Joint Venture between Computer Associates International, Inc. and Xenel group